Bar Chords

Bar chords get their name from the way the index finger is used as a bar to press down all six strings.

In the following tab diagram, F and F# are examples. The pattern of finger placement used to make them can be reproduced all the way down the neck of the guitar.

Seeing a pattern yet?

Bar Chords

If you only play the notes on the top two strings of the bar, you are now playing a power chord which is made up of the root note and it's 5th.

Power Chord = 1, 5

Major = 1, 3, 5

minor = 1, b3, 5

For more details on this go to the triads page.

Bar Chords 2

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If you know the order of the notes A-G#, and you know how to play CAGED, then you have the ability to figure out any of the chords. It's as simple as 0, 1, 2, 3 and A, A#, B, C.

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