Buying A Guitar? Which Is The Right One For You?

Get serious about learning the guitar Thinking about buying a guitar? These days you can buy one new spending anywhere between $250 - $400 that will fit the needs of both a beginner or an experienced guitarist.

Anything much more expensive than that and you are paying for special wrapping paper.

Nothing that has to do with sound and playability.

The way you play it is much more important than the guitar itself.

Now $250+ is a lot more than the cheap guitar / amp combo packages that start around $100, but if you plan on sticking with it and getting better, the extra investment is worth it.

The cheap package deals usually lack quality- That's why they're so cheap. And you can find them anywhere.

Where to Buy

Craigslist can be a good option when buying a guitar. You can find some great deals there but be careful to try before you buy. Make sure everything is working well and ask a lot of questions like why it's being sold in the first place.

Sometimes you can find good deals on Ebay too. But most of the time you have to take the sellers word on the condition of whatever it is you're buying.

It's also smart to do some research before buying anything used. If it's only $20 cheaper used, buy the new one.

The good thing about buying something used, is that you can offer less than the asking price. Think about it. When people sell things, they usually want more than its worth.

They sell because they need the money or they don't use whatever it is anymore. So give a low offer. See what happens.

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Musicians Friend and Guitar Center are great if you're thinking about buying new.

Both are usually very similar in price and have the best deals on guitars and accessories.

Whatever you decide make sure to do a little research when buying. Find your best price and option and you can't go wrong.

If you buy new, make sure they don't give you a display model. Make sure it is in the original box. You don't wanna pay a new price for a used guitar.

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