The Right Guitar Pick For You

There are three different types of guitar picks divided into categories by their thickness - Thin, Medium, and Heavy.


Thin picks are very flexible and are good for strumming chords but aren't the best for pin pointing single notes with precision and power. If you plan on doing more than just strumming a few chords, thin picks are not for you.


Medium picks are more rigid than the thin ones, giving you better control over your playing, but still have some good flexibility to them. This allows a guitarist to strum chords easily and naturally while also giving the ability to pick individual notes. These picks are very popular.


Heavy picks are very stiff and rigid and provide a great deal of playing control. These are ideal for playing fast lead guitar for Heavy Metal and Rock N Roll. The rigidity of these makes it easy to rip out some heavy chords with great power. If you plan on using pinch harmonics in your playing this is the best pick to use.

How to hold the pick

The way you hold a pick can greatly affect your playing no matter which one you decide to go with. If you hold it far from the tip you will have less control. Holding it closer to the tip will provide greater control and accuracy.

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Enough About Guitar Picks